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Atmel AVR Tools

» Atmel AVR Tools for ECTE333 Spring session

ECTE333 Spring session uses only Atmel Studio 7. This is a complete development environment (C/C++) for Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

For regular practice, you should install Atmel Studio 7 on your home PC. It is useful if you have the same version as in the School Lab: Atmel Studio 7 (Build 1417). However, later versions work equally well.


To install Atmel Studio 7:

Step 1: Download setup file for Atmel Studio 7 from Atmel (about 886MB):


              Atmel Studio 7.0 (build 1417) offline installer 

Step 2: Run the setup file for Atmel Studio 7. Accept the default options.

» Atmel AVR Tools for ECTE333 Autumn session

ECTE333 Autumn session uses only AVR Studio 4.

To install Atmel Studio 4

• Download setup files for Atmel Studio 4: AvrStudio4Setup.exe and AVRStudio4.18SP1.exe.

• Run AvrStudio4Setup.exe, and then the service pack AVRStudio4.18SP1.exe. Accept the default options.

• Note that AVR Studio 4 and Atmel Studio 7 can co-exist in the same PC.

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